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The My Limit is One Page was created to better inform striped bass anglers about issues facing striped bass in recent years, as well as to ask anglers if they are willing to self limit, and conserve the fishery regardless of the limits or quotas. Since striped bass are Maryland’s state fish, and arguably our most popular species in the Mid-Atlantic region, much of what you will find here will relate to them. Unless you’ve been hiding under a rock, you’ve probably heard that limits and quotas for striped bass will be changing for 2015, so they’ve been in the spotlight for some time now.   “Rockfish” (as they’re commonly referred to in MD) are only one of the many species that Coastal Conservation Association of Maryland(CCA MD) focuses on, so if you know of a species, or an issue that is important to you please feel free to drop us a line through the current GRC Chair, David Sikorski @ davidsikorski@ccamd.org and we will let you know what CCA MD can do for you, and our resources.

In case you haven’t heard of us before, Coastal Conservation Association of Maryland( CCA MD) advocates for the health and sustainability of our marine resources and conserves, promotes, and enhances the availability of these public and natural resources.

The CCA MD Government Relations Committee(GRC) is a committee of volunteers from our many chapters that handle the majority of the advocacy work that CCA MD does throughout the year.  From attending meetings and learning the issues, to working with government agencies, legislators, and other stakeholders, our team of avid “conservation minded” fishermen strives to work towards proper and fair management of our public resources.  Our mantra of “Fish First” or “Resource First” is one way we explain how we arrive at our positions on issues.  We are fishermen, and citizens that care a great deal about the state of the Chesapeake Bay, and our many other waterways in Maryland. We dedicate a great deal of time and effort to support and advocate for policies and regulations that will ensure that we provide for a sustainable level of our natural resources for all to enjoy and utilize.  The issues in fisheries management are never totally black and white, and we have decided to utilize this blog as an outreach to our members and many others to better explain the issues we are working on, and better communicate what is going on with advocacy work within CCA MD.

As a grassroots organization we work with Maryland DNR, the Atlantic States Marine Fisheries Commission( ASMFC), the Mid Atlantic Fisheries Management Council(MAFMC),  our fellow stakeholder groups, and many others to best manage our fisheries.   We strive to be respectful, open and honest, and to work within the established regulatory and governmental process to better the system of fisheries management in our region.

CCA MD has the following active chapters made up of dedicated volunteers.

    • Annapolis
    • Baltimore
    • Central Region
    • Chestertown
    • Greater Washington
    • Kent Narrows
    • Mid Shore
    • Lower Shore
    • Pax River

Each chapter has a different personality and different issues and fisheries which matter to them. Through the leadership of chapter Presidents and our volunteers CCA MD is able understand and support the needs of fishermen and the resources in the many and varying regions in Maryland.

To Find out more about your local chapter, please contact our Executive Director @ Tony@ccamd.org and visit our website at ccamd.org

“We do not inherit our natural resources from our ancestors, we borrow them from our children”




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