14% Increase in Harvest for 2014? Can it be true?

The Department of Natural Resources announced a plan that would allow a 14 percent increase in the harvest of striped bass in 2014. The proposal can be viewed on the DNR website at  http://dnr.maryland.gov/fisheries/commercial/stripedbass/pdf/2014quota.pdf.

“The motivation behind this surprise move is the abundant 2011 year class becoming legal harvest size” said Tony Friedrich, CCA MD executive director. “It also flies in the face of a 14 to 2 vote by interstate managers to cut harvest in January 2015.”

“CCA has been working for years to convince the ASMFC to conserve striped bass,” said Shawn Kimbro, vice chair, CCA MD governmental relations committee. ”Finally, this year they agreed to act, but the reductions won’t occur until 2015. It just doesn’t make sense for Chesapeake Bay officials to increase harvest while we wait for cuts.”

The CCA Maryland advocacy team is meeting to determine what steps can be taken to combat this change in quota, and we will keep members informed. A statement was posted last week on the CCA MD Facebook page, which can be viewed here.

“The 2011 year class is the future of striped bass fishing,” said Kimbro. “It’s the fish I’ll be trying to catch for the rest of my life and the fish that will provide the trophies for my children and grandchildren.  I see the removal of an additional million pounds of 18-inch fish as a step in exactly the wrong direction.”

“We understand the technical aspects of how the state can increase the allowable harvest but that doesn’t mean it makes sense.” Friedrich added. “Why would anyone suggest harvesting more fish when the long-term outlook for their population is in question? Just because you can do something, does not mean you should do it. We have fought so hard to conserve striped bass. Now is not the time to increase the quota.”


The Department of Natural Resources’ decision to increase striped bass harvest by 14 percent in 2014 is attracting considerable attention in the public media-just about all of it negative. See a sampling of the coverage-






http://www.chesapeakelighttackle.com/– Dec. 9 and Nov. 27




This is an issue of major importance to recreational anglers and CCA MD. Watch Tightlines and other CCA MD media for updates.


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  1. keith salisbury

    I cant understand the reasoning for the increase.If all factors concerning what the stripedbass has to go through just to make it to spawning age.Climate,water pollution,mycrobiosis,comarants ,Which have multiplyed to insane numbers.how did we let that happen?sudden water temp. drop,as happened in the Ct.river were thousands of bass were killed.The huge increase in the number of people fishing legal and illegal. Comercial fishing discard etc ect.What I cant understand is why when we had the moratorium we opened a hatchery for stripedbass,took breeding females and fertilized the eggs raised them to a size where they had a good chance for survival released them into the bay and tributaries.Thats how we brought them back.why not when we have a couple of bad spawning years we contribute by doing this.COST I think every sportsman,bas fisherman would contribute.comercial waterman would do it ,IT would only help His livelyhood.THANKS FOR THE TIME CAPT.K. SALISBURY CONNECTICUT.

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